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A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is a targeted attack towards a web service inorder to disrupt or slow down the same, which affects the users to do normal operation in a web application or mobile application.

Web Application Security deals with security of web applications, websites, web services including APIs. It is that branch of information security which protects the web layer from internet attacks of various levels and complexities.

TLS (Transport Layer Security) is the modified version of SSL, which provides browser security. As with any other protocols TLS is also vulnerable to hacking. Prime issue happens due to mis-configuration of TLS implementation in servers.

Artificial Intelligence is a technology where simulation of human intelligence processes are done by machines. There by the System functions like humans. For Cyber Security, Opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI) automation are vast and effective.

Prophaze WAF would offer the whole application layer protection and visibility that might scale with the expansion of your traffic. This solution changes the manual processes, increase visibility into your web traffic activities as well as improvement in the incident response time.

OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) is an organization helps peoples to develop trusted Internet applications.

Compliance means some specifications or guidelines that an Organization to follow along with industry and government regulations

Web Applications security is critical now a days because of rapid increase in internet attacks. Web Application Layer is more prone to attacks. Drastic increase in Web applications, security gets vulnerable to variety of threats. While attacks are more targeted towards the web application layer, only with network firewall cannot prevent attacks. Reason behind success of these attacks is the ignorance of developers while creating web applications and the loopholes in the existing technologies. Application level attacks are the latest trend and hackers, exploit the web application using so many techniques. Various products available as open source and also in commercial market. Picking up the right solution for the security is the concern of companies. Now different level of analysis on WAF solutions is helpful for the customers to pick the right solution to their websites.

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