Website Security

It is more likely that websites would be attacked by a known exploit than an unknown one. The reason being that known exploits are many and the chances are good that one of the known vulnerabilities will be there in your website which easily provide attackers access to your website. Thus one of the primary concerns should be to eliminate the known vulnerabilities so that a quick scan would reveal no easy entry using these known loopholes.

Prophaze WAF offers strong web application security experience along with advanced analytics. This enables Eagle Eye to provide protection to world’s most security conscious businesses. WAF is extended beyond primitive features. An advanced client classification engine thoroughly monitors all the incoming traffic and thus hackers and unwanted visitors are being restricted from accessing your website.

Enterprise Grade WAF (Web Application Firewall)

Prophaze WAF ensures that your website is always protected against any kind of hacking or web threats. With the help of Prophaze industry leading WAF technology and experience, any type of web threats including OWASP Top 10 and Top 20 Automated Threats can be handled easily.

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