Protection From All Threats

Security for Your Data Privacy

Prophaze AI firewall blocks malicious requests, execution of fileless attacks, new malware variants, and zero-day attacks targeting your web APIs undetected by conventional enterprise security technology stack and pass only legitimate requests to the host server. The result is holistic protection from both known and unknown threats, attack vectors, and application vulnerabilities – all in an easy to deploy low-cost solution.

Security for Your Data Privacy​

Prophaze WAF Shields Against Common Cyber Threats

The Rising Threat of AI-Based Cyber Attacks

Prophaze AI technology continues to prevent AI-based attacks using machine learning algorithms by making them more difficult to detect and defend against. These attacks are often designed to evade traditional security solutions by mimicking legitimate user behavior or using encryption to conceal malicious payloads. The result is a new generation of sophisticated attacks that can bypass even the most advanced security defenses. To protect against these evolving threats, organizations must adopt a proactive and layered approach to security that incorporates advanced threat detection and response capabilities, as well as continuous monitoring and analysis of network traffic and user behavior. 

AI-Based Cyber Attacks