Containers and Service Mesh

The Mesh Solution For Kubernetes

Prophaze runs Kubernetes service mesh by a dedicated infrastructure layer to manage service-to-service communication within a Kubernetes cluster. Load balancing, traffic routing, service discovery, and security are just a few of the complex networking and traffic management functions we offer. Support several security features, including encryption, access control, and mutual TLS.

Kubernetes Service Mesh​

Scalability and Flexibility of Achieving Service Mesh Benefits

Security with Istio in Kubernetes Service Mesh

Prophaze WAF has integration with Istio advanced in capabilities to ensure better performance and reliability of microservices, making it a powerful tool for managing complex microservices environments on Kubernetes clusters. Istio is a container service mesh that simplifies microservices management by providing advanced traffic management, security, and observability features by enabling automatic service discovery and load balancing, enhancing security with mutual TLS authentication and encryption, providing deep visibility into microservices performance, and simplifying microservices deployment and scaling.  

Kubernetes Service Mesh​
GCP Public Cloud

Web Security for Modern Architectures

Prophaze runs in a Kubernetes native mechanism, securing Kubernetes deployments without the learning curve or complexity, and in zero downtime. Prophaze includes these capabilities to include web security. Web traffic filtering can be done as an ingress gateway, reverse proxy, or load balancer. Ensuring the security of web applications, secure coding practices, encryption, access control, and constant monitoring must be used.

Improved Service Discovery and Load balancing

Prophaze WAF would offer the whole application layer protection and visibility that might scale with the expansion of your traffic. This solution changes the manual processes, increase visibility into your web traffic activities as well as improvement in the incident response time.

Comprehensive Web Security

By offering layer 7 protection, virtual patching, bot prevention, service mesh integration, machine learning, and threat intelligence, Prophaze WAF can provide thorough online security in container and service mesh environments. Organizations may lower their risk of web-based attacks and safeguard their applications and data in a dynamic and ever-changing environment by implementing Prophaze WAF.

Provides the Protection against DDoS protection, Bot attacks, API security, all kinds of web application attacks. It is kept up-to-date by Prophaze’s security team experts and also full-time support assistance from our end is provided.



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