Make in India WAF

Kubernetes WAF for your Cluster

Supports EKS, Fargate, Traefik, and Istio

Prophaze KubeWAF is an Enterprise Grade  Kubernetes Web Application Firewall which is deployed as a microservice along with your other components. It will work alongside with cloud load balancer and filters all the incoming traffic towards your api services. It uses multiple attack detection algorithms to monitor all the incoming requests and will pass only legitimate requests to your microservice. 

Prophaze KubeWAF comes with daily updated rules and signature database. Have access to dozens of premium signature database, and supported by International Security Researchers. Prophaze KubeWAF is updated with:

  • Latest Threat Database
  • Real time Monitoring System
  • Live Alerts
  • Updated DDoS Protection Rules
  • Protection Against Bad Bots which Eats Bandwidth

The Prophaze WAF can be deployed in any Public cloud such as AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean and on Private Cloud instance like Microk8s

Prophaze is having the first software-defined web application firewall in the industry. The entire web security platform is tailored into infrastructure as a service and deployed as a script on the Kubernetes platform. Thereby it makes the deployment in just a matter of minutes, everything can be deployed and up can be running. This makes Prophaze WAF very scalable and robust platform

Prophaze servers equipped with Artificial Intelligence based tools which monitors every request and categories those based on its previous threat score and takes a decision to route that traffic

Prophaze is a new generation web application firewall which intelligently tracks down malicious request into your Web APIs . It uses multiple attack detection algorithms to monitor all the incoming requests and will pass only legitimate requests to the host server.

  1. Creating Dynamic Rule sets
  2. Create your own firewall rules
  3. Automatic Profiling of  the Application
  4. Rate limiting incoming and outgoing traffic
  5. Visualize and threats with firewall analytics
  6. Machine learning-based behavioral detection
  7. Integration with leading API Management vendors
  8. Distinguish between legitimate and malicious payloads and bots
  9. Test APIs for misconfigurations, logic manipulation, and input validation
  10. Use regular expressions to enforce required parameters in the message body
  11. Automatic positive security model to enforce consistent boundary checking for API requests
  12. Decode all the data formats including nested and encoded custom API protocols, such as JSON inside Base64 encoding
  1. Prophaze comes with ‘to the point dash’ so the necessary information needed for monitoring the protection is available
  • Real time Monitoring System
  • Live Alerts of incidents
  • Reporting with filtering
  • View and Send reports via email or via slack alerts

Prophaze firewall enables proactive defense, not just detection.  It blocks cyber-attacks, mitigates vulnerabilities, and shares threat intelligence to close gaps in your enterprise-wide security coverage with existing security products such as endpoint protection, SIEM, and SOAR..

Prophaze BotCry v2.1, an advanced machine learning based Bot Management solution, can fight against other ML based malicious bots which do targeted and automated attack against web APIs and applications.

  • Sending Bot to honey pots.
  • Corrupting the expected data by Bots.
  • Closing http/https connection from bot instead of banning IP Address .
  • Hard Blocking the IP Address is still an option provided the ip is listed in Bot 404’s updated blacklist or it can be done as a manual action by the user .
  • Good Visibility and Control over Bot Data
  • Updated List of Good Bots and Bad Bots for white and black lists
  • Drill Down for all activity of a particular user (Bot)
  • Customizable Rules
  • Customized reports

Prophaze BotCry v2.1 helps to distinguish between good and bad bot traffic allows you to block scrapers, scanners and comment spammers that bring overhead to your server and tries to steal your content.

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