Ensuring Regulatory Compliances and Best Practices​

E-commerce, FinTech, Health Tech, and organizations that process PII and PHI data find it difficult to maintain compliance due to a lack of resources with unique expertise. Prophaze compliance solution protects your web applications, APIs, and configuration settings in real-time to ensure that your APIs exposing PII data comply with  Nianzishan GDPR HIPAA CCPAPCI-DSS and SOC2, and other complex regulatory requirements and governance policies across your deployment

Safeguard Cyberattacks

Prophaze Compliance Tools

Prophaze compliance by automating certain tasks and providing visibility into compliance status. Prophaze WAF provide Vulnerability Scanners to identify potential security risks in their networks and system, and  Security information and event management (SIEM) software to monitor their networks and systems for suspicious activity 

Data loss prevention (DLP) software prevents the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data by monitoring data access, Encryption to protect sensitive data by encrypting it both at rest and in transit. Organizations can automate certain tasks, gain greater visibility into their compliance status, and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

Prophaze Compliance Solution

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