Microsoft Azure

Simply secure against web application threats

Prophaze with Azure solutions simplify cloud security. Deploy Prophaze WAF to get a complete protection against web application threats so that can focus on optimizing cloud benefits.

Grasping all the merits that Azure has to offer, with agile, scalable security. And also it is very easy to deploy configure and move into production environment. This implies you can protect all your apps from various threats in a few minutes.

Protect multiple workloads

Prophaze Architecture make it simple to protect multiple workloads. This requires variety sets of security controls within a single solution While you are migrating the existing workloads to Microsoft Azure from on-premises infrastructure, the applications run good enough as they did before.

Protect Your Workloads Migrated to the Cloud

When migrating the existing workloads to Google Cloud Platform from on-premises infrastructure, the applications run similar manner in Google Cloud Platform too. At the same time, the data in GCP are needs to protect using new security controls.

Prophaze on Microsoft Azure

  • Simply integrates with Azure for a simple deployment experience
  • Secure, optimized apps and app access
  • Customizable security settings
  • Comprehensive application and security compliance
  • Automate app delivery within agile container environments.

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