Microsoft Azure Simply Secure Against Web Application Threats

Prophaze with Azure solutions simplifies cloud security. Deploy Prophaze WAF to get complete protection against web application threats so that can focus on optimizing cloud benefits. Grasping all the merits that Azure has to offer, with agile, scalable security. Easy to deploy, configure, and move into a production environment. This implies you can protect all your apps from various threats in a few minutes


Seamless Integration with Prophaze WAF to Enhance Your Azure Security

300mg cap neurontin Deploying Prophaze WAF to Azure On-Premises

Onboarding process of your web application onto the Prophaze WAF in your Azure cloud environment. By assigning virtual machines, installing the WAF, and configuring the load balancer, your web application is now highly available and secured against known and unknown threats. Defend your cloud environment from a mixture of threats by securing your website and application with Prophaze’s powerful WAF solution.

Prophaze WAF Azure Integration
Advanced protection Against Cyber Threats

Advanced Protection Against Cyber Threats

Prophaze Web Application Firewall (WAF) deployed on Azure Public Cloud to protect web applications from common web exploits and attacks. Prohaze WAF is correspondingly hosted or installed in the same region handle varying amounts of traffic and remains available to users without any downtime. 

Our WAF is equally available in every region in order to adequately reduce the absence of latency. Yet, in order to reduce latency, Prophaze WAF connects networks with customer enterprises. WAF’s rule sets decreases latency to less than 300 microseconds.

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