Our products and services help you to analyze, do inbound/outbound content analysis, compliance and powerful policy configuration into a single solution

With AI behavioural features, Prophaze product scans a packet on specific ports like HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, SMTPS, IMAP, POP and blocks the content on the basis of their type.

Prophaze has 15000+ default signatures with an auto update feature. To ensure the confidentiality of academic data, our products help you to detect and prevent attacks from within and outside the network.

Prophazes offers protection against malicious activities in off/down hours and bad IP addresses tried to get the access that takes the website down. Prophaze reduces the load on the website, this checks for the attacks in both the network and application layers

Prophaze WAF would offer the whole application layer protection and visibility that might scale with the expansion of your traffic. This solution changes the manual processes, increase visibility into your web traffic activities as well as improvement in the incident response time.

Prophaze prevents your website from flooding the website traffic, SQL-i attacks designed to fetch data and XSS that might insert malicious code into web pages. Increased security against bot activities and is up-to-date on securing itself against IP offenders and they are automatically blocked.

Knowing how critical web application security is to the fabric of their business, they need protection against potential attack factors including click frauds. Prophaze automatically scales to handle its increased security needs and reliable security without the false positives.

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