Private Cloud Firewall

The network perimeter is not a matter in cloud computing. Over the uncontrolled Internet, users can access any service, user’s physical location, and the device they’re using. It is not quite easy to determine where the security layer needs to be put around corporate resources. Recently organizations start combining different security products, like firewalls, VPNs, access control, and IPS products together to overcome this complexity.

Private Cloud

Prophaze virtual firewalls protect your applications and data in a private cloud, software-defined networks, and virtual data centers. It also provides consistent policies across central management, physical and cloud environments, and deep visibility.

In most of the private clouds, the trending deployment platform is Kubernetes, where Prophaze can be installed as a microservice in the existing k8 cluster as an ingress controller.

Prophaze WAF is set up as a virtual WAF server in your private cloud account by setting your endpoint IP addresses in Prophaze Dashboard and pointing your domain DNS to the WAF. Prophaze is installed behind the load balancer and scales following instructions from the load balancer. The specification for the host needed for deployment is based on your estimated bandwidth.


On-premises firewalls can ensure that security policies, data about and responsibility for, and cryptographic key material remains inside the companies that the firewalls protect. For such reasons, firewalls can be deployed on-premises rather than in the cloud.

Benefits of an on-premises firewall

Having a firewall device in the physical network can provide:

  1. Internal network security.
  2. End-to-end VPNs.
  3. Ease of upgrade
  4. Defense in depth.

Prophaze On-prem WAFs are usually placed close to the application, because the inbound and outbound traffic are checked out with the same level of scrutiny regardless of the direction.

Prophaze WAF is easily deployed On-Premises on AWS®, Google Cloud™, and Microsoft Azure® to benefit from the many advantages of cloud deployment including flexibility, cost-effectiveness, scalability, accessibility and many others. Prophaze is deployed as a reverse proxy at the DNS level to secure all traffic from outside the cluster to services within your cluster.

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