Network Security Analysis

Do you ever thought how secure you network is? In most of the cases we will assume that we are safe enough, until we realize the fact that we got hacked.As more business are getting online, the ratio of hacking incidents are also getting increased proportionally. According to CERT every day a new threat is discovered. The conventional firewalls are not advanced in that level to protect against these cyber attacks which are released daily. Protecting your Data and Infrastructure is a never ending project which gets evolved day by day.

Security experts from prophaze will analyze each and every bits of your Network to make sure that everything is done accordingly and is managed well on a daily basis. This includes communication between your internal staff to make sure that the proper security practices are followed which consists of:

  • Network Security Audit and Analysis
  • Proper Patch and Updates for Firewalls and Network devices
  • Daily Monitoring of your Firewall logs
  • Through Investigation of your Mail filters including Spam
  • Secure VPN Implementations
  • Regular Virus signature updates on Local Machines

Network security experts from Prophaze will continue to work with your systems and network 24 x 7 x 365 days and make sure that everything is safe and secure.