DDoS Protection

Defending Against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack

Prophaze WAF protects website application from DDoS attacks by identifying and preventing malicious traffic in real-time, ensuring uninterrupted customer access and security. It utilizes multiple techniques to identify and mitigate DDoS attacks, including network traffic analysis and behavioral analysis. Prophaze’s DDoS Protection solution offers comprehensive protection for web applications without impacting their performance.

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Prophaze WAF Web Application Protection

Prophaze WAF to help mitigate attacks once activated, Prophaze WAF begins monitoring incoming traffic to your website, identifying and filtering out malicious traffic, such as rate limiting, behavioral analysis, challenge-response systems, and IP blocking. By utilizing these methods, Prophaze WAF can help prevent attacks before they even reach your website’s backend, ensuring that your website remains secure and operational.

Prophaze WAF Web Application Protection ​

Prophaze DDoS Protection in Securing Your Website

Prophaze WAF helps to monitor incoming traffic to your website with the help of a machine learning (ML) algorithm. It analyzes traffic patterns, identifies anomalies, and blocks malicious requests in real time. By allowing legitimate traffic to pass through. With Prophaze WAF's protection in place, your website continues to function normally, and your customers can access your site without any interruption, while the malicious traffic is blocked.

Prophaze WAF works to protect your website from the harmful consequences of a DDoS attack in this way, enabling your company to continue operating normally and without disruption.