DDoS Protection

What is Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack?

A DDoS attack is a cyber attack that uses a botnet to flood a website or network with traffic or requests, forcing it to become unreachable. An organisation could suffer serious consequences such as income loss, harm to its reputation, and data exposure.

Prophaze WAF protects websites and online companies from DDoS attacks by identifying and preventing malicious traffic in real-time, ensuring uninterrupted customer access and security.

Don't Let DDoS Attacks Take Your Website Down: Here's How Prophaze WAF Can Help

Let’s say you operate an e-commerce website. Suddenly you notice that the website is responding very slowly. Users are complaining about not being able to access the website and suspect that your website is under a DDoS attack.

You can quickly activate Prophaze WAF to help mitigate attacks. Once activated,Prophaze WAF begins monitoring incoming traffic to your website, identifying and filtering out malicious traffic, such as rate limiting, behavioural analysis, challenge-response systems, and IP blocking.

How Prophaze WAF can Keep Your Website Safe?

As soon as the Prophaze WAF is activated, it begins monitoring incoming traffic to your website with the help of a machine learning (ML) algorithm. It analyzes traffic patterns, identifies anomalies, and blocks malicious requests in real-time. By allowing legitimate traffic to pass through. With Prophaze WAF's protection in place, your website continues to function normally, and your customers can access your site without any interruption, while the malicious traffic is blocked.

Prophaze WAF works to protect your website from the harmful consequences of a DDoS attack in this way, enabling your company to continue operating normally and without disruption.