Prophaze's WAF-as-a-Service

Shield Your Web Applications from Prophaze's WAF - The Ultimate Security Solution

Prophaze’s WAF-as-a-Service is a reliable and effective solution to secure your web applications against cyber threats. Web application firewall effort in configuring deployment Customization. In just a few minutes, you can fully implement to safeguard all your applications from threats. Our fully featured application security service delivered via the cloud breaks the mold.

Leverage Easy Compliance By Enhancing MSP Security

WAF-as-a-service can enable MSPs to protect data and meet regulatory requirements. Data loss can be avoided using on-demand automatic security audits of websites. Customers can rapidly check the WAF’s status using the simple dashboard, and MSPs can easily manage and customize the service, making it a useful security tool.

Protect From Advanced Bots: No Additional Cost

WAF-as-a-service provides comprehensive protection for web applications, servers, and networks, with unlimited rulesets. It safeguards against zero-day vulnerabilities and enables website owners to easily monitor on their web pages.

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