For e-commerce shops, a WAF/RASP is an essential component to make them more secure.

Provide scalable performance and centralized visibility into traffic and attacks to prevent account takeovers and upgrade their overall security posture.

Ensure Data Protection

 E-commerce applications are one of the critical targets for attackers as the data they gain by exploiting the vulnerabilities in the application are invaluable.Prophaze WAF can be easily configurable in either blacklist/whitelist approaches which protects all Personal information, contact numbers, credit card data and other beneficial data.

Real-time protection against DDoS attacks

Prophaze WAF can protect your websites, applications, or entire networks from DDoS attacks before it enters your infrastructure. Also, it will make sure that the legitimate traffic is not compromised.

The WAF can terminate or block or allow the session, the user or the IP address from generating frequent requests.

Automatically reconfigures in real-time without human intervention while responding to any form of attacks.

  • With blacklist approach, Prophaze WAF can identify and block any kind of SQL Injection or XSS attacks.
  • With whitelist approach, Prophaze WAF also sort the requests that are acceptable and can be allowed.

Detecting any suspicious requests and respond accordingly in a way to prevent any kind of loss.

Prophaze WAF monitors each request the application receives and the corresponding response of the application along with all the junctions where users interact with the application. This approach helps to identify any suspicious/malicious activity.

Prevent from DDoS and other attacks

Prophaze WAF can reduce the load on its website, this checks for SQLi attacks and XSS attacks for both the network and application layers

When individuals comes to a website for help, some offenders can work to compromise the application or steal any valuable information. These people can also launch a DDoS attack make the application unavailable. 

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Prophaze Solutions for Industries

Prophaze WAF would offer the whole application layer protection and visibility that might scale with the expansion of your traffic. This solution changes the manual processes, increase visibility into your web traffic activities as well as improvement in the incident response time.


Protect every web app, hosted anywhere, in minutes.


Protect every web app, hosted anywhere, in minutes.

Financial Service

Protect every web app, hosted anywhere, in minutes.

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