Cloud WAF

Cloud WAF-as-a-Service For Your APIs

The Prophaze Cloud WAF detects and blocks suspicious activities using behavioural based threat detection algorithms.

Secure web applications without changing your existing infrastructure or sacrificing performance. The WAF  solution receives about a million requests every second, and the WAF constantly recognizes and blocks newly detected threats. WAF’s rule sets decreases  latency to less than 300 microsecond.

Its offers security control for websites, applications,  and APIs hosted on multiple cloud environments. The Protection’s network shields internet assets across all cloud providers.

Core Features

  1. Automatic Profiling of  the Application and
  2. Creating Dynamic Rulesets
  3. Create your own firewall rules
  4. Visualize  threats with firewall analytics
  5. Machine Learning-based behavioral detection

Prevent From DDoS And Other Attacks

Prophaze WAF can reduce the load on its website, this checks for SQLi attacks and XSS attacks for both the network and application layers.

When individuals comes to a website for help, some offenders can work to compromise the application or steal any valuable information. These people can also launch a DDoS attack make the application unavailable.

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