Prophaze Cloud Web Application Security

The Prophaze Cloud WAF detects and blocks suspicious activity using behavioural based threat detection algorithms.

Secure web applications without changing your existing infrastructure or sacrificing performance. WAF  Protection receives about a million

requests every second, and the WAF constantly recognizes and blocks new possible threats. WAF’s rule sets result in a latency of less than 300 microsecond.

Its offers security controlfor websites, applications,  and APIs hosted on multiple cloud environments.Protection’s network

shields internet assets across all cloud providers.

Core Features

  1. Automatic Profiling of  the Application and
  2. creating Dynamic Rulesets
  3. Create your own firewall rules
  4. Visualize and threats with firewall analytics
  5. Machine learning-based behavioral detection

The WAF change log allows customers to monitor ongoing changes to the Product Managed Ruleset.


Key features Benefit
Deep Packet Inspection, covering applications / Layer 7 Ensures your standard and custom web applications are always protected from SQL injection, cross-site scripting attacks, and thousands more
SSL Terminate SSL connections without any overhead or additional latency. Apply your WAF policy to SSL encrypted traffic without having to upload certificates or invest in costly hardware solutions
For GET and POST HTTP/S requests Covers range of HTTP/S traffic
URL-specific custom rule sets Allows you to include/exclude specific URLs or subdomains for WAF protection to test domains or include/ exclude specific subdomains
DDoS mitigation integration Allows full-stack protection against DDoS — no extra implementation required
IP reputation database integration Real-time intelligence on over 1 billion unique IPs used to block malicious traffic — no extra implementation required
Virtual patching Fixes a vulnerability before you patch your server or update your code, allowing you more time to patch and test updates.
Restrict by IP or geolocation Can blacklist/whitelist traffic from specific IP addresses or countries to protect against hackers from specific IPs or countries
Low false positive Overall 1/50M false positive rate ensures legitimate traffic reaches you
Full integration with CDN service, offering outbound content transformation Reduces web latency for your site visitors — no extra implementation required

WAF Administration

Key features Benefit
High availability — built on service offering SLAs Business and Enterprise customers enjoy 100% uptime guarantee and financial penalties if not met
No hardware, software, or tuning required Sign up with a simple change in DNS

WAF Reporting

Key features  Benefit
Real-time logging Gain visibility to help you fine-tune the WAF
Access to raw log files Enterprise customers can conduct in-depth analysis covering all WAF requests

WAF Settings

Key features Benefit
Block Blocking an attack will stop any action before it is posted to your website.
Simulate To test for false positives, set the WAF to Simulate mode, which will record the response to possible attacks without challenging or blocking.
Challenge A challenge page asks visitors to submit a CAPTCHA to continue to your website.
Threshold/sensitivity setting Set rules to trigger more or less depending on the sensitivity
Customizable block pages Customize the page a visitor sees when they’re blocked, e.g. “Call this telephone number for help.” Available for Enterprise customers.
Customizable block pages Customize the page a visitor sees when they’re blocked, e.g. “Call this telephone number for help.” Available for Enterprise customers.

WAF RuleSets

Key features Benefit
Automatic learning paired with security-driven research Protects against zero-day vulnerabilities or new threats with patches automatically deployed by our security team
Zero-day rule sets Rely on the security team to protect you against threats identified across our customer base — included as default with no extra fees
Platform-specific rule sets for major CMS and eCommerce platforms Receive protection out of the box with no extra fees for platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Plone, Drupal, Magneto, IIS, etc.
Custom rules Cover situations unique to your web application included as default with no extra fees for Business and Enterprise customers

Prevent from DDoS and other attacks

Prophaze WAF can reduce the load on its website, this checks for SQLi attacks and XSS attacks for both the network and application layers

When individuals comes to a website for help, some offenders can work to compromise the application or steal any valuable information. These people can also launch a DDoS attack make the application unavailable. 

Talk with Team Prophaze

Prophaze Team is happy to answer all your queries about the product.
Our sales expert will help you understand which products are best for your business.


Prophaze Solutions for Industries

Prophaze WAF would offer the whole application layer protection and visibility that might scale with the expansion of your traffic. This solution changes the manual processes, increase visibility into your web traffic activities as well as improvement in the incident response time.


Protect every web app, hosted anywhere, in minutes.


Protect every web app, hosted anywhere, in minutes.

Financial Service

Protect every web app, hosted anywhere, in minutes.

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