Global Server Load Balancing Solution

Prophaze’s Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) solution provides a comprehensive and intelligent approach to optimizing web application performance, reliability, and scalability. Prophaze enables businesses to deliver a superior user experience while maintaining high availability by providing advanced traffic management capabilities, seamless failover, and robust health checks.

Intelligent Traffic Management

Prophaze’s Global Server Load Balancing solution ensures that incoming network traffic is distributed efficiently across multiple servers and data centers. Prophaze dynamically routes traffic to the optimum server by successfully analyzing real-time metrics such as server load, latency, and geographical location.

Advanced Health Check

Prophaze’s GSLB solution includes advanced health check mechanisms that monitor server health and detect potential issues before they occur. Prophaze ensures that only healthy servers receive traffic by performing regular health checks, improving your web infrastructure’s reliability and stability.

Uninterrupted Service Delivery​

Uninterrupted Service Delivery

Prophaze’s GSLB solution seamlessly redirects traffic to the next closest available server or data center in the event of server failures or network outages. Ensures that services are delivered continuously and reduces the impact of potential disruptions. With seamless failover, users can access your applications without interruptions or downtime.

DNS Services

Prophaze’s GSLB solution enables intelligent traffic routing and load balancing by leveraging its dependable DNS services. Using DNS-based load balancing, Prophaze ensures the best traffic distribution based on the location of servers, their accessibility in real time, and the state of the network.

 Load Balancing

Prophaze’s GSLB solution includes load balancing as a crucial part.  Prophaze ensures optimum resource utilization and avoids server overload by evenly distributing incoming traffic across multiple servers. Load balancing reduces single points of failure, improves scalability, and boosts the overall performance of your web applications.

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