Your full–service provider for application security solutions

Our Mission

We enable organizations to improve their web application cybersecurity through AI automation.

The confluence of enterprise cloud transformation and AI adaptation by cybercriminals puts defense teams at a severe disadvantage to defend from ever-increasing stealthy and unexpected attacks. There are unlimited ways by which AI attacks can compromise applications exceeding the human defense capacity.

Our goal is to level the playing field for enterprise security teams with AI defense automation. We measure our success by your success. At Prophaze, we start with your security goals to make sure that our products deliver the highest value, faster.


Customer-first is the backbone of our company and of every team member. We’ll go out of the way to understand your needs, improve your business process, and create a delightful experience working with us. We know that you want a trusted partner easy to work with, focused on your business outcomes, and equipped with domain expertise. With Customer first, you benefit from a proactive end-to-end engagement experience that focuses on your success.


Our Kubernetes experts help organizations analyze their Kubernetes architecture for vulnerability assessment and security best practices. We help integrate application security into your operations teams through adopting Kubernetes-native technologies to secure your cloud applications, APIs, and containers.

End-to-End Solutions

We provide enterprises with solutions from beginning to end. We offer all the services you’ll need to secure your web applications including security assessment, application architecture review, pilot testing, product deployment, DevOps training, compliance services, and penetration testing.


Our managed service and lean operation, global resources, and low overhead enable us save your total security cost:

  • Reduce WAF cost Prophaze is priced to meet the needs of budget-conscious organizations at a fraction of alternative enterprise WAF products.
  • Reduce operations costs zero configuration and rule automation enables you to cut your ongoing configuration and rules development costs from your operating budget.
  • Reduce HR costs Prophaze managed service reduces the security burden from your existing staff while enabling them to manage the increasing volume of incidents and threats.