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Introduction To Prophaze​

Prophaze is Redefining cloud security with an all-in-one solution that provides proactive and adaptive cybersecurity solutions that can effectively protect organizations and individuals from cyber threats. Organizations can benefit from comprehensive web application security with Prophaze WAF without the requirement for a complex infrastructure or specialized security professionals.

Prophaze Mission
comprehensive Protection

What Drives Us

We enable organizations and SaaS providers to improve their web application cybersecurity and reduce costs through AI automation. We aim to level the playing field for enterprise security teams with AI WAF automation. We measure our success by your success. At Prophaze, we start with your security goals to make sure that our products deliver the highest value, faster.

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Prophaze is Kubernetes-native and our experts help organizations analyze their Kubernetes architecture for vulnerability assessment and security best practices. We help integrate application security into your operations teams through adopting. Kubernetes-native technologies to secure your cloud applications, APIs, and  containers

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End-End Solution

End-to-End Solutions

We provide enterprises with solutions from beginning to end. We offer all the services you’ll need to secure your web applications including application architecture review, testing, onboarding assistance, product deployment, DevOps training, and compliance.

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Prophaze Web Security Platform helping the Global Community by fighting against different attacks.

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