Stellar support

Our technical support combines years of enterprise security experience, proven application profiling analytics, and security best practices expertise to help your Prophaze deployment through onboarding, implementation, questions, and issues resolution. Chat support is available via messaging, mail, and Slack channels.

Professional services

Prophaze security engineers are on call to assist you with custom application security requests, troubleshooting, secure application programming, and technical architecture consulting.

Security assessments

Prophaze performs periodic risk assessments to identify security threats or vulnerabilities in your applications, containers, and APIs. The assessment profiles your web server traffic, identifies behavior anomalies without interrupting traffic or operations, and produces a vulnerability report with risk mitigation suggestions.

Penetration testing

Prophaze performs automated and manual penetration testing to simulate cyberattacks with our professional ethical hackers to break into your web applications and find security holes or vulnerabilities before cybercriminals can exploit them. We customize testing to each customer’s needs and perform as an independent Red Team, or Purple Team in concert with your internal security team.

  • Scoping your application architecture and requirements
  • Scanning vulnerabilities with automated tools and manually
  • Analysis of attack surface, vectors, and plan
  • Penetrating vulnerabilities
  • Reporting of exploitable vulnerabilities and recommended remediation strategies