Customer-first is the backbone of our company and of every team member. We’ll go out of the way to understand your needs, improve your business process, and create a delightful experience working with us. We know that you want a trusted partner easy to work with, focused on your business outcomes, and equipped with domain expertise. With Customer first, you benefit from a proactive end-to-end engagement experience that focuses on your success.

Stellar support

Our technical support combines years of enterprise security experience, proven application profiling analytics, and security best practices expertise to help your Prophaze deployment through onboarding, implementation, questions, and issues resolution. Chat support is available via messaging, mail, and Slack channels.

Professional services

Prophaze security engineers are on call to assist you with custom application security requests, and troubleshooting.

End-to-End Solutions

We provide enterprises with solutions from beginning to end. We offer all the services you’ll need to secure your web applications including application architecture review, testing, onboarding assistance, product deployment, DevOps training, and compliance.

Common Vulnerabilityies and Exposures

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CVE-2022-AVAST2 : Self-Defense Bypass via Repairing Function

Description It was noted that there is security checking to prevent some of the Avast processes from loading of undesired/unsigned

CVE-2022-21500 : Oracle Security Alert Advisory

Description This Security Alert addresses vulnerability CVE-2022-21500, which affects some deployments of Oracle E-Business Suite. This vulnerability is remotely exploitable

CVE-2022-1183 : Destroying a TLS session early causes assertion failure

Description On vulnerable configurations, the named daemon may, in some circumstances, terminate with an assertion failure. Vulnerable configurations are those