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Behavioural Based Application Security

K8s Micro Services | Web Apps | API Protection
Mobile App Backends | IoT End Points

Hybrid / Multi Cloud

Supports AWS EC2 Instances Azure and GCP

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All in One Web Security Platform

Web Application Security

Cut the high costs of WAF ownership, tuning, and staffing

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Kubernetes Security

Protect your Kubernetes clusters on cloud and on-premise

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API Security

We protect your web apps and APIs from all threats and bots

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See how we can help you secure your
Cloud Web Applications and Data.


Public, private, or partner-facing APIs have a key role in accelerating digital transformation. However, many organizations, including large enterprises, have relatively


Cybercriminals are raising the ante with AI tools, creating an onslaught of unexpected AI-based attacks and malicious payloads that defeat defenses and are stealthy.

Prophaze Solutions for Industries

Prophaze WAF would offer the whole application layer protection and visibility that might scale with the expansion of your traffic. This solution changes the manual processes, increase visibility into your web traffic activities as well as improvement in the incident response time.


Protect every web app, hosted anywhere, in minutes.


Protect every web app, hosted anywhere, in minutes.


Our products and services help you to analyze,

Financial Service

Protect every web app, hosted anywhere, in minutes.

Automated WAF Service for AppSec Teams


Low-cost WAF service for small business on private cloud


A timely alternative to the high cost of ownership of legacy WAFs


Custom solutions for managing multi-tenants, multi-CNDs, and multi-compliance

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