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Behavioural Based Application Security


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More than just a Web Application Firewall

Complete Website Security Platform

Securing your APIs Deployed in Kubernetes Cluster 

Supports AWS , Azure , GCP , Digital Ocean , Oracle and IBM Cloud

Use Prophaze SaaS Cloud  to secure your web applications

Stops targeted DDoS Attacks to your web apps and APIs with behavioural  based detection

Full Coverage on OWASP Top 10 Web and API Attacks as a trusted OWASP Partner

Enhanced Security for Backend APIs , Web Apps , Serverless and Service Meshes

See how we can help you secure your

Cloud Web Applications and Data.

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Securing Fortune 100 Customers Globally

Prophaze Web Security Platform helps the Global Community by fighting against different attacks

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Web Attacks Blocked
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DDoS Attacks Blocked
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Bad Bots Blocked
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Bad IPs Blocked

Actionable intelligence with real-time threat data, drill down and risk scoring, eliminating the need for complex workflows between products.
Monitors all security events identified on cloud-based and on-premises deployments.

Protect From all Threats

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Behavioural Based Application Security

K8s Micro Services | Web Apps | API Protection | |Mobile App Backends | IoT End Points

Hybrid / Multi Cloud

Supports AWS EC2 Instances Azure and GCP

DEPLOY IN Just 15 Minutes. NOT DAYS

Secure your Web Applications and Data in Just 15 Minutes

A platform that focuses on your industry’s eccentric security needs.

Prophaze provides  a lot of innovative methods to identify and restrict the  potential attacks in the production environment automatically.

Drop your concerns about data ownership and digital identity management,  Prophaze WAF has your back with a robust security solution.

An effective web application security solution with Auto-scaling, low false positives, and robust protection for API backends to improve customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth.

Offers accurate and automated protection for web apps or APIs to restrict bots and secure valuable data without false positives, protection against OWASP Top 10, and zero-day exploit attempts.

Ensures fast time to value and high return on investment by modernizing your security infrastructure and provides live visibility with complete attack coverage over your business applications.

Prophaze’s capability is a perfect answer to the market’s inability to secure client resources from BOT attacks.

Prophaze WAF solution secures your application and databases by safeguarding the private health information from web attacks, DDoS, and site scraping.

With Prophaze advanced bot mitigation technology and hacking identification along with blocking, make a smooth gaming experience for your customers.

Prophaze WAF can ensure 24×7 application and network availability and protect sensitive data resources and limits the number of resources to manage cybersecurity.

Prophaze secures your traffic without inversely impacting user experience or introducing additional security risks.

Prophaze can easily integrate into its software development process. Our solution made security so much easier, better, and more scalable.

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