Prophaze vs Akamai

A Comprehensive Comparison

At Prophaze, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding your digital assets from evolving cyber threats. Our comprehensive suite of security solutions is designed to fortify your defenses, providing robust protection, advanced detection capabilities, and swift response mechanisms.

Three Reasons Customers Choose Prophaze Over Akamai

Granular WAF Rule Management

Prophaze offers direct, customizable rule sets that work on each aspect at a granular level, providing enhanced control over your web application security.

Simplified Configuration and Management

Prophaze's user-friendly interface and streamlined workflow make the configuration and management of web security measures straightforward and intuitive.

Low False Positive Rate and Advanced Bot Protection

Prophaze boasts a false positive rate of less than 1%, ensuring accurate threat detection without unnecessary alerts.

Customer's Perspective

Glenn B Advisor, IT Consultancy

Prophaze stands out not just for its excellent product but for the seamless experience. From a straightforward demo to responsive customer support, they make everything easy. It's rare to find a company with both a great product and exceptional support.

Bithal Bhardwaj Group CISO, GMR Group

Prophaze is our go-to for top-notch web security. Their innovative AI/ML protection and rapid response have truly transformed our defense strategy. Prophaze isn't just a vendor; they're our trusted cybersecurity partner.

Comprehensive Comparison

Comparison Table Prophaze Akamai
WAF Rule Management
Leverages ML Algorithms, Direct, customizable rule sets, and automatic rules update.
Less granular rule management
Configuration & Management
Web-based interface with declarative policies.
Limited automation options. Complex for advanced configuration.
False Positive Rate
< 5%
> 10%
Bot Protection
Advanced bot protection with TSV
Data Masking
Limited native capabilities.
Integrated API Security
Robust API security measures, API gateway protection, including authentication, authorization controls, and API-specific threat detection mechanisms.
Limited visibility into shadow APIs.
Custom Security Protocols
Support Self-learning Rule Engine, unlimited rules addition.
Limited Support
Layer-7 DDoS Protection
Integral core feature with features like rate-limiting and anomaly detection.
Limited signature-based detection.
Real-Time Threat Intelligence
AI-powered threat detection, behavioral analysis for proactive posture.
Needs third-party integration.
Multi-Cloud Deployment
Supports Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, On-Prem, Kubernetes Deployments
Vendor lock-in
Customer Support
24x7, Chat, Phone, Email, Zoom/Google Meet/Teams with an instantaneous reply
Depending on services opted.

Enterprise Solutions Comparison

Features Prophaze Enterprise Akamai Enterprise
SSL / TLS Support
SSL / TLS 1.2 & 1.3 with custom upload
Customer Support
Ensures daily client contact and 1-hour response time per security SLAs. We offer 24/7 support via live chat, phone, email, Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams, prioritizing a customer-first approach
Direct phone or zoom will be available for 24x7x365by phone, chat, and email
Analytics Time-Range
Real-Time Analytics
Multi-Cloud Deployment
Limited support
Role-based Account Control
Single Sign-On Support
Network Prioritization
Enterprise IP Ranges are given priority
Network prioritization

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Prophaze's advanced bot protection leverages Threat Score Value (TSV) for smarter and faster bot blocking, reducing the risk of automated threats.

Prophaze supports deployment across multiple cloud environments, providing flexibility and scalability for businesses with diverse infrastructure needs.

Prophaze supports custom security protocols, allowing businesses to implement tailored security measures based on their unique requirements.

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