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Prophaze WAF as a Service empowers MSPs and MSSPs

Prophaze WAF as a Service is a powerful solution that supports MSPs and MSSPs by offering cutting-edge web application security. The cloud-based solution enables easy deployment and management processes, allowing MSPs and MSSPs to customize security policies to meet their needs. By eliminating additional hardware or software, Prophaze WAF enables to reduce costs and improve revenue without compromising web application security or client satisfaction.

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Unpacking the Challenges Faced in Providing Web Application Security

MSPs and MSSPs face challenges in providing web application security due to the constantly evolving threat, risk, and compliance-driven environment. In addition, existing investments in data centers, and telecom infrastructure can be leveraged with Prophaze security service offerings. With the increase in digital transformation adoption by customers, security becomes a paramount layer. However, Prophaze WAF as a Service simplifies deployment and management processes by offering adequate web application security to clients and increasing revenue.

Simplified and Scalable ​Web Application Security

Simplified Deployment and Customizable Scalability​​

Simplified Deployment and Management: Prophaze WAF as a Service is designed to simplify the deployment and maintenance of web application security solutions. Without the requirement for on-premises infrastructure or software, MSPs and MSSPs can rapidly launch the service with a cloud-based delivery model. Additionally, the service is designed to be easy to manage, With a centralized administration console that allows MSPs and MSSPs to handle several customers from one location, the service is also made to be simple to operate. This helps to reduce the time and resources needed to deploy and manage web application security solutions, allowing MSPs and MSSPs are able to focus on providing their clients with high-quality services.

Simplified Deployment- Prophaze
Prophaze-WAF as Service

Future of Web Application Security and Prophaze WAF as a Service

MSPs often receive requests for support from customers who have experienced specific attacks, but without any intelligence, it can be challenging to determine. With the support of Prophaze WAF as a Service, MSPs can rapidly and simply identify and respond to attacks, guaranteeing high uptime and top performance for customer applications and websites. Additionally, Prophaze WAF enables the development of client-specific signatures to detect new and widely reported attacks. The engineering and support teams for Prophaze have direct access to MSPs, facilitating quicker problem resolution and preventative security measures against future attacks.


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