IP Reputation and Anti Botnet Blocking WAF

Prophaze Eagle Eye uses advanced  ipreputation algorithms which  can be used to identify IP addresses that are sending unwanted requests. This can be used to block requests that come from IPs with bad reputation. This feature can be used to optimise application firewall performance. IP reputation can be used to block large scale DDoS, DoS attacks from virus infected sources.

As awareness and server security have increased, so have hackers and spammers been looking for easier targets. They use web servers and online forms to send spam mails. This type of attack can be easily blocked using reputation list called SpamRats.

Attacks coming from phishing proxies can be blocked when the IP addresses are identified as those hosting phishing sites and other fraud such as ad click fraud or gaming fraudThere are many companies and resources that track such malicious behaviour and create IP reputation lists. EagleEye uses this  lists along with customised ipreputation lists to reject or block emails that come from IPs that fall in the bad reputation lists.

Hosts play an important role in terms of security. If compromised it can lead to serious problems like acting as a launch pad for malwares. This activity can then lead to download of more threats or stealing of more data.

Prophaze EagleEye proactively blocks such threats with the help of IP reputation and also using threat intelligence. Prophaze protects the organisations from such attacks with the help of their advanced security research activities.

Anti -Bot services will provide comprehensive bot defense for all the web applications, mobile applications and APIs. It is an effective step to reduce the `risks caused by the vulnerabilities present. Anti botnet services will be useful in many scenarios. like

a) Blocking DDoS attacks

b) Preventing botnets and other threats from downloading malware and exploiting data

c) Protection against malicious sources which is associated with web attacks