Data Security Analysis

Even though the web application is strong enough, but still 80% of the applications are vulnerable to potential data leakage due to mis-configuration of application.

Prophaze Technologies got expertise in the area of Data Protection and will make sure that the integrity and the trust of application is maintained

Nowadays Networks are constantly evolving and so are the threats faced by them. Threats involve disrupting services or stealing confidential data. Networks have to be constantly monitored for protecting it from such attacks.Network security analysis requires wide scale human intervention including analysis of anomalous traffic. It involves using a custom software to detect possible attacks and comparing it manually with reports from other organizations. The overall process involves a huge deal of time and effort. Network security analysis happens at a very slow pace thus making it vulnerable to modern attack vectors.

A peer to peer collaborative approach helps in network security in comparison with the traditional methods.An ability to automatically spot anomalies in traffic and share the information using distributed P2P infrastructure provides a better analysis way. The patterns followed by attackers gives information on their goals and motives for attack. Traffic sensors can also help detect anomalies in traffic at various internet locations and thus help make a more targeted mechanism to defeat them.

When such self organizing groups and methods are deployed, there will not be any need for central administration over the network. It helps in reducing the attack detection time and thus provide a better response for handling the threats involved