Layer 7 DDoS Protection​

Prophaze protects your API endpoints deployed in the Kubernetes cluster against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks by malicious bot networks.

Public, private, or partner-facing APIs have a key role in accelerating digital transformation. However, many organizations, including large enterprises, have relatively immature API security programs, thus creating a completely new attack surface.

Prophaze protects your applications from distributed denial of service DDoS attacks by malicious bot networks.

  1. Detection – protocol IP, and anomalies in traffic flows
  2. ML behavior analysis
  3. Diversion – traffic is redirected using DNS routing
  4. Analysis – previous security logs are analyzed to improve resilience
  5. Filtering – DDoS traffic is blocked while valid requests flow through.

We ensure real-time protection from DDoS attacks against large-scale targeted applications.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a malicious attempt to affect the availability of a targeted system(s) or network. The offender initiates a lot of requests to overwhelming the target(s) and uses several compromised or controlled sources to launch the attack.

DDoS mitigation is the process of protecting a target from a DDoS attack successfully.

  1. Detection—the discovery of traffic flow deviations that may signal the possibility of a DDoS assault.
  2. Diversion— re-routing the traffic away from its target through Domain Name System or Border Gateway Protocol routing. Here, a decision needs to be taken – whether to filter the traffic or need to discard it.
  3. Filtering—by determining the patterns that quickly distinguish between genuine traffic like humans, API calls and search engine bots, and malicious visitors.
  4. Analysis—system logs and analytics can be used to collect the data about the attack. This both will help to understand the attacker(s) and to improve future resilience. Advanced security analytics techniques can help granular visibility into the attack traffic and an instant understanding of attack details.

DoS attack uses a single system and one Internet connection to flood a targeted resource whereas a DDoS attack uses different systems and network connections to flood the target system..

We can ensure real-time protection against DDoS attacks which can identify and mitigates large-scale targeted applications.

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