Layer 3 - 7 DDoS Protection​

Advanced Defense of Strengthening Your Security​

Prophaze protects your API endpoints deployed in the Kubernetes cluster against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack by malicious networks. Prophaze protects your applications from DDoS attacks by malicious bots. Accelerating the digital transformation is crucial thanks to public, private, or partner-facing APIs. 

layer 7 ddos attack

Structure of Processing

Effective Protection Against Layer 7 DDoS Attacks

Prophaze WAF is a web application firewall that can protect against layer 7 DDoS attacks. It uses various techniques such as rate limiting, bot detection, IP reputation, behavioral analysis, and protocol validation to prevent attackers from overwhelming the web server with a large number of requests or exploiting vulnerabilities in your web application. Prophaze WAF is designed to provide comprehensive protection against layer 7 DDoS attacks by using a combination of techniques that are tailored to the specific needs of your web application

We Can Ensure Real-Time Protection Against DDoS Attacks Which Can Identify and Mitigates Large Scale Targeted Application

online security - layer 7 ddos protection

Secure Online Business

Prophaze WAF analyzes and filters traffic based on your business’s specific needs. This may include setting up rules to block malicious requests and limit traffic from suspicious sources. Using a monitoring tool to keep an eye on your website’s traffic by setting up alerts to notify you of any potential threats. Having a response plan in place to respond to a DDoS attack if one occurs. Regularly updating your software and applications will patch vulnerabilities and improve security.

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