On-Premises WAF​

Prophaze WAF Supports On-Premises

Prophaze WAF support on-premises deployment to ensure compliance with security in industries such as healthcare or banking, on-premises deployment is mandatory because when we provide WAF, all traffic goes through the organization’s dashboard and regulates privacy.


Balancing Security with Hybrid On-Premises WAF

By combining the benefits of on-premises WAF and cloud-based WAF solutions, Prophaze defends web applications against a broader spectrum of attacks. We offer scalability and flexibility by utilizing the cloud-based component to manage traffic filtering during periods of high traffic or in case of an attack.

Understanding the Mechanisms Behind Processes

WAF is deployed on the customer cloud or data center in this case. Still, the dashboard and machine learning intelligence will be deployed on the Prophaze cloud, which can be in the same customer cloud if the customer is using any of the public clouds like AWS, Azure, or GCP, and the other Prophaze cloud partners. The customer will be given the nearest less latency location.

Fully On-Premises

We support complete control over their security policies and data privacy. By providing real-time monitoring and protection without relying on third-party providers, giving organizations greater visibility into their security posture.

The complete Prophaze WAF Architecture, including the Dashboard and data cache, would be hosted on the customer cloud. In this case of WAF Core image upgrades, daily threat intelligence updates, etc., the customer needs to open specified ports during a maintenance window.


Premises Strategy with Prophaze WAF

Prophase WAF can be installed on any server, including Azure, AWS, GCP, Vultr, OVHCloud, or any other. This allows for easy resource allocation in any region without limitations. Additionally, we can install our application on their virtual machine, and Prophase WAF automatically integrates with the application so traffic can flow through their dashboard. 


Comprehensive Protection Against Threats

Prophazw WAF protects from all attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and http://landmarkinn.com/?plugin=calpress-event-calendar cross-site request forgery (CSRF), by inspecting incoming traffic and blocking malicious requests. On-premises WAF can be integrated with existing security infrastructure such as firewalls and intrusion prevention systems (IPS), providing a comprehensive security solution.

AI-Based Cyber Attacks

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