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Prophaze API Gateway is a solution that allows businesses to create, manage, and secure APIs. It acts as a gatekeeper between the API and the external world, ensuring that only authorized requests are allowed.  Enforces security policies, limits traffic, and prevents attacks such as DDoS and API scraping. Supports multiple deployment models, including cloud, on-premises, and hybrid, and is compatible with major API management standards like OpenAPI and Swagger by providing a positive security model. 

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Ensure API Gateway with Prophaze WAF

By setting up Prophaze WAF as a security layer that sits between the internet and the API Gateway, support by integrating it. Incoming requests to the API Gateway can be examined by the Prophaze WAF, and it can run a number of security checks to make sure that only legitimate and authorized requests are permitted to proceed.

Directly from the dashboard, your DevOps team can validate and release secure custom APIs based on OpenAPI guidelines. Ensure that only the traffic you wish to use your APIs is enforced and all of your API endpoints are protected.


Prophaze Detect X Prevent X Eliminates Attacks

Enchanced Real Time Monitoring

The real-time monitoring features of Prophaze WAF for API Gateway give you a throughout understanding of the security posture of your APIs, enabling you to see possible risks right away and take appropriate action. Prophaze WAF keeps your APIs safe and secure while integrating with other security technologies, its dashboard, traffic analysis, Carol City customized reports, and integration. Resolve any http://circleplastics.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/core-plugin/.DS_Store vulnerabilities, avoid security breaches, and protect the integrity of your API Gateway with real-time notifications and ongoing monitoring. 

Real time Monitoring

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