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ML Based WAF Solution
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Prophaze Advantages

Securing APIs from
Data Theft and Abuse

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GCP, Digital Ocean,
Multi Cloud Deployments

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Pricing Parameters – On buying a Cloud Web Application Firewall
WAF Pricing Calculator
Is it based on the number of applications (Domains, URLs, APIs) it is serving?
Pricing for the consumption of Bandwidth, if the WAF is hosted in a SaaS Platform?
Price based on Number of Virtual Appliances, if WAF is hosted on On-prem or On Customer cloud?
What about the support strategy, Like Dedicated Support for 24 x 7. Phone support and Email Support?
Billed Monthly or Yearly or Pay as you Go Model?
There are few pricing parameters to be considered while procuring a Web Application Firewall Solution
ML Based WAF Solution
WAF Pricing Calculator

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