Cloud Security Solution

Real-Time Threat Detection for Comprehensive Web Application Security

Prophaze WAF Cloud Security Solution analyses and detects threats in real-time using machine learning and AI-based techniques. It also offers customized security policies, which can be configured to meet the specific needs of an organization. Prophaze WAF Cloud Security Solution is a comprehensive and effective security solution for web applications that helps to ensure the security and integrity of critical business data.

Deploying Prophaze WAF Cloud Security Solution on AWS, Azure, and GCP

Prophaze WAF Cloud Security Solution can be easily deployed on major cloud providers AWS, Azure, and GCP. The deployment process involves changing the DNS record to point to the IP address of the Prophaze Eagle Eye cloud application firewall. Once deployed, Prophaze WAF Cloud Security Solution provides real-time threat detection, customized security policies, and comprehensive web application security, reducing false positives and making it easy to integrate with existing infrastructure. Prophaze WAF Cloud Security Solution helps to protect web applications from any region where your public cloud is hosted


Protect Your Web Applications with Prophaze EagleEye

Prophaze EagleEye is an advanced Cloud Application Firewall that uses Artificial Intelligence to track and block malicious requests to your web applications. Equipped with the latest threat database and real-time monitoring system, Prophaze offers protection against DDoS attacks and bad bots. Its payload scanning feature uses multiple attack detection algorithms to ensure only legitimate requests are passed on to the host server. Prophaze EagleEye provides robust protection to your web applications, ensuring they remain secure against cyber threats.

Enterprise-Grade Cloud Application Firewall That Filters All Web Traffic

Prophaze Eagle Eye is a powerful Cloud Application Firewall that provides enterprise-grade security for your cloud environment. To secure your cloud, all you need to do is change the ‘A’ record of your domain DNS address to point to the IP address of EagleEye. This way, all of your web traffic will pass through the Prophaze firewall and filters, ensuring that your web applications are protected against a wide range of cyber threats. With Prophaze EagleEye, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cloud is secured with a cutting-edge security solution that uses the latest in AI and real-time monitoring technology.