Prophaze Security: Stop breaches before they happen

Cyber breaches have always been a concern for businesses across all industries. Their after-effects lead to compromised customer loyalty & faith, loss in business, and a negative brand reputation. Therefore, it is essential to protect your databases, websites, applications and cloud and keep yourself updated with the current cyber-attacks in order to prevent them from attacks. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

Prophaze Technologies is working actively in prioritizing the data security of your business from high-profile data breaches. Our Kubernetes Web Application Firewall (WAF) helps to identify, monitor, and resolve security vulnerabilities before they reach your database. It easily gets adapted to your business IT architecture enabling it to create a comprehensive endpoint solution.

The Kubernetes Security platform is equipped with Vulnerability and Compliance Management tools that continuously monitor your IT assets to provide the best configuration solutions. Therefore, it is important to facilitate your Security teams with resources to help them better understand the trending risks. This can help them to foresee threats, and create an action plan to prevent cyber-attacks.

Furthermore, with advancements to phishing and brute force attacks it has become important to have upgraded encryption for sensitive information. Prophaze solution provides layer 7 protection to your container cloud and blocks every outside attack before they enter your system.

Regular security audits are also a crucial step to protect your data. Prophaze WAF, through an in-depth assessment, helps to identify new gaps and validate your security posture. The next-generation firewall effectively mitigates the risk of data leakage.

Assessing, analyzing, and determining the risk in the security systems and data is another very important way to deal with security breaches. Moreover, keep reforming upgrading company policies among various departments. That would help to stay safe from legal aspects as well. IT security includes guidelines and industry standards compliance, privacy policies, access management policies, strong password policy data governance guidelines, and ensure their proper adherence.

And last but not the least, empowering your Security team, organizing workshops, and training sessions with industry experts can help to keep your business breach-free and mitigate most of the attacks.



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