Government Institution Fortifies Data Defenses with Prophaze

A Comprehensive Solution for Protecting Against Cyber Threats, Data Breaches, and Operational Disruptions


One of the well-known government institutions faces issues in protecting data from cyberattacks. Data breaches can have an immediate impact on hundreds of millions or possibly billions of individuals in the data-driven world of today. Data breaches have grown in scope along with the digital transformation as attackers take advantage of our everyday reliance on data. Although it is impossible to predict how big cyberattacks may get in the future, this list of the biggest data breaches from the twenty-first century shows that they have already gotten very huge.


They are concerned about the security and availability of its website and applications, including its database and finally they choose Prophaze as their solution which is able to meet their requirements. Prophaze Technologies has expertise in the area of Data Protection and will make sure that the integrity and the trust of application is maintained.

Nowadays Cyber threats involve disrupting services or stealing confidential data. Applications have to be constantly monitored for protecting it from such attacks.

WHY Prophaze?

  • WAF is deployed on the customer cloud or data center within a few clicks.

  • Behavioral based application Security

  • Defenses for the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities

  • Advanced application protection- combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep application expertise.

  • Latest Threat Database

  • Real time Monitoring System

  • Live Alerts

  • Updated DDoS Protection Rules

  • Protection Against Bad Bots which Eats Bandwidth

Prophaze is Kubernetes-native and our experts help government organizations analyze their Kubernetes architecture for vulnerability assessment and security best practices. Prophaze integrate application security into client operations teams through adopting Kubernetes-native technologies to secure cloud applications, APIs, and containers.

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