Prophaze Behavioral based ML module for Edtech

Prophaze’s Behavioral-Based ML Module enhances EdTech security with advanced bot protection and seamless scalability


One of the famous edtech enterprises offering learning solutions that are extremely flexible, captivating, and efficient looking for a product that would use advanced bot protection, automate their scaling and  secure its application from any kind of malicious attacks.


The Prophaze Cloud WAF detects and blocks suspicious activity using behavioral based threat detection algorithms. It offers security control for websites, applications,  and APIs hosted on multiple cloud environments.Protection’s network shields internet assets across all cloud providers.

Prophaze Can simply adapt to the customer’s architectures.Flexible deployment choices allowed them to quickly and simply install our proprietary technology specifically wherever they required it.

Prophaze helped them transition to a seamless and secure web application protection resolution that keeps up with their speedily scaling cloud infrastructure while not impacting app performance.

Prophaze other Features that also impressed the customer are as follows:

  • Reliable security without the false positives.

  • Defenses for the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities Advanced application protection- combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep application expertise.

  • Content Filtering.

The Edtech company was able to obtain the expected outcomes and attain scalability on their application with Prophaze consultation and the appropriate solution.

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Leading Edtech Application
Edtech Enterprises
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API Security
DDoS Mitigation
AI Based Web Security
Bot Protection