Industrial IoT Breach mitigated by Prophaze

Navigating Industrial IoT Challenges with Prophaze’s Proactive Solutions and Strategic Safeguards

A manufacturing company relies on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices to monitor and control its factory operations. However, a security breach occurs, jeopardizing production, safety, and sensitive information.


Cybercriminals exploit a vulnerability in the IIoT devices, gaining control over critical machinery and causing disruptions in the production line. They also attempt to extract valuable intellectual property and confidential data.


As there is increased deployments of IoT systems, everyone must also be aware about the potential threats and ways to safeguard from such incidents.

Prophaze is the solution for such incidents which can secure your api endpoints against OWASP Top 10 and many other threats including Zero days.

The company deploys Prophaze WAF to safeguard its IIoT infrastructure. Prophaze WAF monitors the network traffic, detects anomalous behavior, and blocks unauthorized access attempts.


Prophaze WAF effectively identifies and blocks malicious activities, preventing further disruption to the factory operations. The company enhances its security posture, collaborates with security experts, and establishes incident response procedures to handle future threats.

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