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Approach to Comprehensive Robust Protection

Prophaze WAF is a web application firewall that offers a full range of security features to protect web applications from many attacks, including slow loris attacks. A layer 7 DDoS attack as Slowloris uses an HTTP 1. x and HTTP 2.0 protocol anomaly. The attack involves sending several incomplete HTTP requests back and forth between servers. The attack leverages a protocol flaw in HTTP 2.0 that makes the server wait indefinitely or until predetermined timeout for a [CRLF] character, increasing the attack & negative effects.

Future Trends in Prophaze WAF and SIEM Integration

Proactive Defense to Configuring Your Security Rules

Prophaze WAF is handled by indefinite timeouts based on the listening for the [CRLF]. By using our DDoS mitigation module and slow loris requests hit not the client-server but a honeypot. Therefore, this attack can be prevented from reaching the client with no hindrance to their infrastructure. Prophaze offers a full range of security capabilities to shield web applications from various attacks, such as slowloris attacks.

Real-Time Slowloris Attack Mitigation with Prophaze WAF

We have conducted an attack on one of our test domains in line with the provided video demo. For performing slow loris attacks on the same target, we used the package.

Prophaze WAF can quickly identify and stop such attacks. Successfully protect against slow loris threats and other types of DDoS attacks by utilizing machine learning algorithms, behavioral analysis, and other cutting-edge techniques, guaranteeing the availability and integrity of your online application.

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