Live Webinar 2022

3rd Feb, 2022 between 3PM – 4:00PM IST​

Mr.Sunil Kulkarni ​

Santa María Totoltepec Chief Information Security Officer
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Block 3rd Feb, 2022 between 3PM – 4:00PM IST

Battling Zero-Day Attacks with WAF:

2021 witnessed a record number for zero-day incidents. The log4j incident that wreaked havoc in the industry is a grim reminder of the nature of attacks to come. Relying on signature-based detection is ineffective as signature-based detection relies on a preprogrammed list of known indicators of compromise (IOCs).

Lurasidone with out a prescription Introducing Behavior-based detection:

Behavior-based detection involves training the system with a normalized baseline and comparing this activity against that baseline. Once an event appears as an aberration from the prescribed baseline an alert is triggered. Prophaze analyses user behavior on various applications/APIs using AI/ML.  This analysis is used as input for the custom anomaly based ML model along with inputs from more than a dozen threat intel sources. All of this helps us to  derive  highly accurate Zero day detection with less false positives.

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