App security

Meaning of App security is to protect ones highly valued application from reverse engineering , tampering and other such similar attacks.

It also refers to various other technologies that involve minimizing the risk of exploitation to mobile devices through its mobile apps. The main goal of every business should be to protect their customer, business and IP data from unauthorized access. By protecting apps against exploitation, we are actually protecting the app from brand damage, financial loss, IP thefts etc.

Unfortunately the existing cyber security methods do not provide security to mobile apps. As users are widely shifting to mobile apps from traditional desktop application, mobile app security is becoming an area of wide concern.

Protection of mobile apps include making the source code of these apps tough enough to defend against reverse engineering. It should be able to ensure critical data and key protection  and also be able to report real time app threats at the earliest. A sound application security method should be able to curb manipulation of apps and thus prevent access, stealing, modification or deletion of sensitive data.

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