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Top 10 Web Application Firewall

Top Web Application Firewalls Prophaze EagleEye is among  one of the top 10 web application firewalls in 2019 along with other competitors like Imperva, Radware, Cloudflare, F5, Stackpath, SignalSystems, Baracuda, Fortinet, Akamai Installation Change the 'A' Record of your Domain DNS address to point to the ip address of EagleEye. That makes all your traffic [...]

AI Firewall Defends From AI Attacks

WAFs were not designed to combat algorithmic attacks and the most effective way to defend from AI attacks - is with an AI firewall. Organizations are migrating to Kubernetes, but also exposing containerized applications to new security blind spots and attack surfaces that may compromise their entire IT systems. Prophaze levels the playing field for [...]

Website Security

Is your web security risks known or unknown? It is more likely that websites would be attacked by a known exploit than an unknown one. The reason being that known exploits are many and the chances are good that one of the known vulnerabilities will be there in your website which easily provide attackers access [...]

Protection From All Threats

Cybercriminals are raising the ante with AI tools, creating an onslaught of unexpected AI-based attacks and malicious payloads that defeat defenses and are stealthy. Prophaze AI firewall blocks malicious requests, execution of fileless attacks, new malware variants, and zero-day attacks targeting your web APIs undetected by conventional enterprise security technology stack and pass only legitimate [...]