Best Alternative To Stackpath On WAF And CDN For Web Security

Best Alternative To Stackpath On WAF And CDN For Web Security

When it comes to maintaining your online presence and increasing website performance, you need a robust WAF (Web Application Firewall) and CDN (Content Delivery Network). Appropriately choosing services is important to ensure that your website is secure and functions properly.

Are you looking for new options for StackPath on Firewall (WAF) and CDN services to improve the security and performance of your website?

StackPath is a robust platform, but if you’re looking for a well-designed and advanced solution to strengthen your website’s security and increase its performance, it’s time to consider an alternative to StackPath.

Introducing Prophaze: Pioneers in Web Security Innovation

Prophaze redefines cloud security with an all-in-one solution that provides dynamic, adaptive end-to-end cybersecurity solutions that can effectively protect organizations and individuals from cyber threats. It provides Level 2–7 DDoS protection for major cloud providers. Recognized as an “innovation leader,” it excels at automatically detecting and preventing potential attacks.

Organizations can benefit from comprehensive web and application security through Prophaze WAF without the need for complex infrastructure or specialized security professionals.

Why Choose a WAF and CDN Service?

These services play an important role in the security, performance, and user experience of your website. Here’s why it’s important to choose between WAF and CDN services:

1. Enhanced Website Security:

Protection Against Cyber Threats:

WAF services are designed to protect your web applications from multiple types of cyber threats, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. By using this, you build a strong defense against these negative behaviors.

Real-time Threat Detection:

The WAF solution continuously monitors incoming traffic and can quickly detect and mitigate threats. This real-time detection and response helps prevent potential breaches.

2. Improved Website Performance:

Content Delivery:

CDNs excel at optimizing content delivery. They have a network of strategically located servers where your website backup is stored. When someone requests your site, the CDN delivers resources from their nearest server. This reduces latency and speeds up page load times, creating a seamless and fast user experience.


CDNs are designed to handle high levels of traffic efficiently. Whether it’s a sudden influx of visitors or increased demand for multimedia content, CDNs can scale to meet these demands without impacting operations.

3. Reduced Server Load:

CDNs offload large amounts of traffic from your root server. This reduces server load and reduces the risk of downtime during traffic spikes.

Challenges with StackPath

These challenges can negatively impact the user experience, hinder scalability, and potentially drive users to look for alternative solutions that offer better visibility, easier integration, and automation overcome these obstacles.

Why Prophaze Stands Out?

There are compelling reasons why Prophaze stands out as the best choice for those seeking streamlined and improved network security and performance.

Prophaze Performance and Scalability

Prophaze Performance and Scalability

Prophaze WAF solution delivers improved performance with scalability, hybrid architecture and machine learning algorithms for real-time threat intelligence to stay ahead of emerging threats The Prophaze microservice architecture also ensures high web application performance.

Real-Time Event Dashboard for Actionable Insights

Prophaze Dashboard
DDoS Attack Graph

Prophaze vs StackPath

Aspects Prophaze StackPath
WAF Features
Offers innovative WAF solutions with advanced threat detection and mitigation.
Comprehensive WAF with a wide range of web security features.

Health Data Protection

Specializes in safeguarding private health information from web attacks.

Provides general security features but lacks a specific focus on health data.

Bot Mitigation
Advanced bot mitigation technology and hacking identification.
Effective bot mitigation may not be as advanced as Prophaze.
Seamless integration into software development processes.
Integration options are available but might require some expertise.
Comprehensive defense against OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and zero-day threats.
Provides protection against common threats but may lack certain specialized features.
Offers proactive and adaptive cybersecurity solutions.
Strong cybersecurity measures are in place.
Great customer support.
Offers support but not specified in terms of responsiveness.
Recognized as “Innovation Leader” by KuppingerCole Analysts and DSCI.
Acknowledged for security and efficiency.
All-in-One Solution
Provides layer 2-7 DDoS protection for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes.
Offers a range of services but may not cover the same spectrum as Prophaze.
Deployment Options
SaaS, Web and Multi-Cloud / Hybrid Cloud.
Offers cloud-based services.
API Integration
Offers API integration for Layer 2-7 DDoS protection.
CDN provider with unspecified API integration details.
Custom SSL Certificate Upload
Prophaze supports 3rd party SSL certificate upload.
Provides an origin shield but doesn't specify Custom SSL.
Detailed Attack analytic reports are available in PDF and CSV formats.
Offers reporting features, but specifics are not provided.

The Premier Alternative to StackPath for Advanced Website Security and Performance

When it comes to website security and performance, the choice between WAF and CDN services is very important. WAFs protect against cyber threats, while CDNs optimize content delivery and reduce server load. Prophaze’s innovative and responsive approach makes it a compelling choice for those seeking advanced network security and performance improvements.


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