Why Prophaze?

Prophaze’s solutions are designed to protect their web applications and APIs against a variety of risks, including both known and undiscovered attacks.

Benefits of Using Prophaze WAF for Your Security ​

Security Solution

Smart Choice for Your Advanced Security

Prophaze WAF provides cutting-edge machine learning, hybrid architecture, real-time threat intelligence, simplicity of use, and customized rules. Prophaze WAF leverages machine learning algorithms, in order to identify and stop threats, and its hybrid architecture offers scalability and adaptability.  Real-time threat intelligence helps it stay ahead of emerging threats, and a user-friendly interface makes it even easier for organizations without dedicated security teams.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Web Applications Protection

Effective analysis of web traffic and the identification of possible threats through updates and alert your SIEM with identified threats to improve your total security. API protection, bot detection, and mitigation provide scalability and flexibility while maintaining control over cloud-based and on-premises components. Kubernetes native, securing Kubernetes deployments without the learning curve or complexity, and in zero downtime. Offering API protection can detect and stop malicious bots that could damage web applications.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Web Applications Protection​

Stay Ahead Curve with Prophaze WAF​

WAF Protection

Cut the high costs of WAF ownership and understanding behaviour of the web app protection from Zero Day attacks.

Attack Analytics

Attack analysis is made simple to drill-down and examine details enables you to monitor all security events identified.

Secure CDN​

Improve the website availability and reduce bandwidth on the original servers with compression technologies.

Custom WAF Rules

Allows you to create your own rules for handling requests in the WAF Console that can be tailored to specific application needs.

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Are you facing challenges due to a lack of advanced tools and support for your organization? Prophaze plans can level up your protection by providing scalable, adaptable, and configurable security solutions to shield your web applications from online dangers.

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