WAF + RASP + Bot Mitigation + DDoS in Kubernetes Platform

There are many products out there that work as a WAF. WAF is not really aware of the application it is securing. There are solutions that block DDoS attacks (it needs a bit of muscle power as well). The other issue is the attack of automated bots in the system. AS of now none of the security vendors gives a full stack of protection against these attacks

Prophaze is the only solution that is more of a WAF + RASP + BOT + DDOS solution which is built on Kubernetes architecture. It is the first distributed cloud security solution on microservices that can secure your APIs, Web Apps from highly sophisticated attacks

Its behavioral learning algorithm understands the HTTP flow of the API or web application it is securing and will create a score based on the various accepted behavior in the application. Prophaze during its initial 14 days of the trial will automatically profile the applications using its ML-based algorithms

Prophaze is the Present and Future of Cloud Security

Important Features

Virtual Patching
Bot Mitigation


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