Vtiger CRM <= 6.3 Authenticated Remote Code Execution

Overview :
Vtiger CRM version 6.3 (“Open Source” branch; released on 2015-06-04) and lower are vulnerable to Authenticated Remote Code Execution.
Affected Product(s) :
  • vTiger CRM 6.3.0
Vulnerability Details :
CVE ID : CVE-2015-600
Unrestricted file upload vulnerability in the Settings_Vtiger_CompanyDetailsSave_Action class in modules/Settings/Vtiger/actions/CompanyDetailsSave.php in Vtiger CRM 6.3.0 and earlier allows remote authenticated users to execute arbitrary code by uploading a file with an executable extension, then accessing it via a direct request to the file in test/logo/.

Solution :

latest version will fix the vuln

Fixed in 1.6.3.


Common Vulnerabilityies and Exposures

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