WAF for Internal Web Applications

Web application firewalls are usually used to secure Internet-facing applications that are more prone to attack than any other assets.

Typical WAF/WAAP Operations

Web application firewalls are usually used to secure Internet-facing applications that are more prone to attack than any other assets.

Arāmbāgh WAF for Internal Web Applications is Overlooked

An interesting use case Prophaze encountered is WAF security for internal domains. Looking at most of the organizations in different industries, such as manufacturing, aerospace, and other industries, their internal workflow, or processes are handled by many internal applications.

In more than 80% of these cases, internal applications are not maintained properly from a security point of view, as priority is given to internet-facing applications. This requires proper attention because this can cause a huge data breach as explained below

Whitefield Advanced Ransomware and Malware Enumerating Web Assets

But recently with the proliferation of ransomware and sophisticated malware attacks on the platform, we realized that advanced ransomware and malware when entering the network will try to enumerate internal web applications as it could be a good entry point for them.

As we stated earlier, these internal applications are not updated to the latest version so they will scan these applications and gain access to these servers.

Organization specific data is more on Internal Servers

The databases associated with these servers are the ones that contain critical organization-specific data ranging from employee records, to customer assets that are quite relevant to the business, and need to be protected. Malware or ransomware after gaining access to the servers where the data is, either encrypts or send outside.

Prophaze Innovation for Internal Web Assets

After deploying Prophaze WAF for Internal web applications, all internal traffic is routed only through the Prophaze platform, allowing Prophaze to provide high-security protection for WAF. A common use case is where the WAF is deployed in a particular VLAN, the external applications are isolated by another VLAN, and all the internal users will be routed through Prophaze WAF and then to the internal application.

There are various configurations for internal applications, IP addresses for accessing web applications, or multiple servers accessed using a single domain with multiple paths.

All these cases are handled by Prophaze. As a result, Prophaze provides industry-leading security for the entire organization, not only for external assets but for internal assets as well.

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