Prophaze 5G API Security

Protecting Your Business in the New Era of Connectivity

Prophaze offers 5G API security solutions with VNF-based security, cloud-native architecture, and WAF for web app protection. Prophaze’s 5G API security solutions provide a comprehensive approach to protecting APIs in the 5G environment offer DDoS protection, SQL injection protection, and cross-site scripting protection, by including real-time monitoring and threat analysis for fast response. Prophaze’s security solutions protect businesses by maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.

Prophaze's Innovative Solution

Prophaze is a novel solution in the world of cyber security as it provides security for API transactions in containers, making it simpler for businesses to defend their standard APIs from cyber threats. Prophaze is well-established as an API security solution in cloud-native architecture and is on the right track to extend its product roadmap to 5G Core. With the basic nature of API, threats are basically the same at layer-7, Prophaze is well-positioned to maintain its success in the 5G environment.

Comprehensive Protection in the 5G Environment

Prophaze's 5G Core Extended to the Edge with VNF

Prophaze’s 5G Core is extended to the edge using VNF. By eliminating the need for expensive hardware-based solutions, businesses can adapt quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs, also benefiting from more robust protection against cyber threats. It enables easy deployment to edge devices for real-time monitoring and threat analysis, as well as greater flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness in networking solutions.

Flexible and Scalable Security Solutions Using VNF and CNF Architecture

Prophaze’s 5G Core Extended Edge uses VNF and cloud-native architecture to provide flexible and scalable security solutions. It utilizes virtualization hypervisors to create virtual machines (VMs) for deploying VNFs. These can easily deploy the edge devices including, real-time monitoring and threat analysis. Also, provide Container-based network functions (CNFs) and Kubernetes orchestration. The CNFs can deploy on both cloud providers and bare-metal infrastructures, allowing easy deployment to edge devices and adaptability to changing market conditions.

Prophaze 5G API Security provides comprehensive protection against threats, with real-time monitoring and threat analysis for easy deployment to edge devices in the 5G environment.

Transforms Telco Core Services into Pure Software Plays

Prophaze’s 5G VNF architecture is transformed traditional telco core services into pure software plays. Instead of using specialized hardware such as BBU, NMS, and service assurance Prophaze combines service management and orchestration, 5G RAN, 6G core, edge computing apps, and a Kubernetes cluster enhanced for data plane traffic. This allows Prophaze’s solution to be implemented on commodity servers, switches, and storage, providing greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness for businesses. Additionally, the Kubernetes cluster also enables easy deployment and management of network services, making it easier to adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs.

Software-Based Solutions are the Future of Cyber Security

Prophaze’s 5G VNF architecture offers flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness compared to specialized hardware solutions. This helps to deploy easily to edge devices, including real-time monitoring and threat analysis in the 5G environment. Prophaze, their 5G VNF architecture is transformed traditional telco core services into pure software plays, providing a more flexible and agile approach to cyber security in the 5G environment.

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