WordPress Web Application Firewall

WordPress Security using AI powered Next Generation WAF

How WordPress WAF Works ?

Prophaze EagleEye is an Enterprise Grade WordPress Web Application Firewall. Its sits in between your Visitors and your Existing Hosting or Dedicated server as depicted in the picture.

What is a WordPress Web Application Firewall?

Prophaze EagleEye Monitors all the incoming traffic to your wordpress website and stops attacks even before reaching your website . Hence it is called as a  WordPress Firewall

WordPress Firewall acts as the first layer of protection before the conventional WordPress security plugins . If the attacks are really sophisticated the plugins are not sufficient to handle it . This is the place where wordpress firewall coming to picture . It stops attack at our servers and will allow only real visitors to your website

Apart from that EagleEye WordPress Firewall protects you from malicious bots , blacklisted ips , Automated WordPress comment spam bots , automated Brute Force attacks etc