Web Application Firewall (WAF)

How WAF Works ?

Prophaze WAF is an Enterprise Grade Cloud Web Application Firewall. Its sits in between your Visitors and your Existing Hosting or Dedicated server as depicted in the below picture.

What you have to do ?

http://thelittersitter.com/ Change the ‘A’ Record of your Domain DNS address to point to the ip address of EagleEye. That makes all your traffic will pass through our Firewalls and FiltersLatest Threat Database

Propaze comes with daily updated rules and a signature database. Have access to dozens of premium signature databases, and supported by International Security Researchers

Prophaze WAF is updated with

  • Latest Threat Database
  • Real time Monitoring System
  • Live Alerts
  • Updated DDoS Protection Rules
  • Protection Against Bad Bots which Eats Bandwidth

AI Based WAF

Prophaze WAF servers equipped with Artificial Intelligence-based tools which monitor every request and category those based on its previous threat score and take a decision to route that traffic

Payload Scanning

Prophaze WAF is a new generation web application firewall which intelligently tracks down malicious request into your Web APIs . It uses multiple attack detection algorithms to monitor all the incoming requests and will pass only legitimate requests to the host server

Real time Dashboard

WAF comes with ‘to the point dash’ so the necessary information needed for monitoring the protection is available

  • Real time Monitoring System
  • Live Alerts of incidents
  • Reporting with filtering
  • View and Send reports via email or via slack alerts

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Web Application Firewall Solution