Security Information And Event Management (SIEM)

Security Information And Event Management (SIEM)

An organization’s security operation center or SOC embraces the team of IT security professionals that works for the organization’s security. The team is responsible for detecting and finding solutions to the situations merging with the updates of regulatory compliance requirements. Only depending on the log management to search, collect and store will not serve the security fence to your organization.

Basic tools need to get associated with the security solutions as attackers are smarter and trigger the evolution of regular regulatory mandates. The more sophisticated solution as Security information and event management (SIEM) can solve the security issues.

What is Security Information And Event Management (SIEM)?

Security information and event management(SIEM) is a well-structured set of integrated tools and services for the enterprise’s information security. SIEM solutions can get associated with the data security and network ecosystem. SIEM solutions collect data from different network devices and servers with the detection of attacks or threats to alert the administration department for the planned action on it.

How does SIEM work?

SIEM merges two significant technologies to accomplish the solution to the security issue.

Security Information And Event Management (SIEM) Process

Security Information And Event Management (SIEM) Process

The Security information and event management process takes place in a different set of tasks:

SIEM Tool Data Collection

The data collection takes place from different network security information sources like operating systems, servers, antivirus software, firewalls, etc. to feed into the SIEM tool. The data collected from the logs can be with the agent or without the agent.

SIEM Protocols

SIEM system generates the profile of the organization based on the responding pattern to different alerts or situations. SIEM use the set protocols, alerts, reports, dashboards, etc. to satisfy the customized need of the system.

Data Connectivity

SIEM solutions minutely connect the log files and analyze the data of the log files. The category-based events are then prepared and connected through the connectivity rules. It is used to produce the individual data into meaningful security issues.

Security Notification

If any individual or set of events activates the SIEM rule then immediately the programmed system notifies the security admin.

Security Information And Event Management (SIEM) Tools

The modern era and the rising needs of society made the presence of numerous SIEM tools with effective features for data security. Prophaze is one of them with the following services:

The Automatic Device Discovery Feature

Prophaze includes the feature that helps to add devices quickly to the network of the system that can be used for monitoring.

Detect Doubtful Activity

It helps to detect unauthorized activities immediately like unauthorized logon to the system etc.

Easy And Quick Ticket Raise

Each system is an amalgam of cloud, virtual and physical components. These all platforms are audited for flawless management. You can raise a ticket via the helpdesk software for any threat found in the network.

A Complete Package

The Prophaze solution comes with a complete package of report templates, communicative dashboards, and alert profiles. These all help to manage security, compliances need of the organization, and auditing.

Benefits Of Prophaze SIEM Tools

SIEM Association With Compliance

SIEM Association With Compliance

SIEM solutions are connected to compliance. SIEM helps to cope with the compliance audits with the increasing infrastructure and network of the organization. The data security and event management become hassle-free with the stepwise procedure of the system as per the requirement.

Bottom Line​

There can be many SIEM solutions in the market but the actual need of the organization can be filled with the correct customized version of security. Technology-driven Prophaze handles all the required set of Security information and event management with ease. So, detect and resolve security conflicts and threats by using a single Prophaze SIEM solution. The secured system obeys the protocols set as per the condition for different data management activities throughout the process.


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