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How does a DDoS attack occur? How DDoS Attacks Overwhelm and Disrupt Websites

Imagine you are at a party with your friends, and suddenly a massive crowd of people rushes in all at once. They start pushing and shoving, making it impossible for you to move or enjoy the party. It’s similar to how a DDoS attack can affect a website or online service.

In a DDoS attack, a group of attackers uses many computers or devices to flood a website or online service with a massive variety of fake traffic. It’s like thousands of people trying to enter the party all at the same time. This flood of traffic overwhelms the website’s servers, making it extremely slow or inaccessible to legitimate users.

DDoS attacks aim to overwhelm the resources of websites and online services. That is supposed to disrupt normal operations. Several factors may make it difficult for users to access website features. Frustration and financial losses for businesses can result from DDoS attacks, which could cause them to lose customers and revenue while services are unavailable.

DDoS attackers rarely target individual internet users. Furthermore, these attacks concentrate on websites and services that you may want to use. Attackers are trying to create chaos and damage in the organizations that run these services.

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