The Internet has become a highway to reach the global consumer list within a few clicks. But this advancement can cost more when it comes to server vulnerability. We might have heard about the different malicious and DDoS attacks every now and then. Tech giants are working day and night to protect their user’s data and it is a costly affair.

For the hackers, there are no rules. They are meant to destroy anything online having loopholes in the IT infrastructure. One of the great ways to control and block the online malicious input-output HTTP traffic is through a web application firewall (WAF). It plays a critical role in operating on the application layer and protecting against DDoS attacks and other security risks.

order cenforce What is a Cloud-Native Firewall?

Cloud-native WAF is like an entry point for all web and internet-based applications which is configured as a reverse proxy. It uses the scalability and computation of cloud infrastructure to detect the security challenges and quickly isolate them from the threat.

Nowadays every major cloud provider offers WAF. For example, Google Cloud Armor and AWS WAF are fully managed services with multi-layer cloud security and protect the API in a cloud-native way.

buy Gabapentin canada Benefits of Cloud-based WAF

  1. Easily scalable: Cloud as you know can be easily scalable and deployable. Cloud-based WAF also leverages the power of cloud infrastructure and uses the global distribution of the network. It helps cover the maximum zone with minimum latency. Organizations can also rely on its automated security threat detection technology and block unknown fishing attacks proactively.
  2. Protect from outside attack proactively: The best part of Cloud WAF is that they are able to detect malicious traffic before they reach your data server. It is better to avoid the risk outside before they inject in the internal IT infrastructure. This is possible due to its capability to manage, identify and mitigate the traffic to their microservices with custom filters.
  3. Best for the multi-cloud network: Today companies rely on multiple cloud networks. Be it on-premise, hybrid, or multi-cloud network, with cloud WAF you can always in a safe hand. It can protect from malicious traffic for multiple cloud hosting platforms.
  4. Managed services: Never worry about mismanagement of IT downtime and other incidents. Cloud WAF are supported 24/7 by an experienced team of expert that reduces your burden of management. They help you with major security mitigation and configuration. Thus, you can focus on your business without any distractions and disturbance while keeping your customer happy.
  5. Low cost: With Cloud WAF you can always be in control of what you spend. Plan the monthly and annual budget for your maintenance and subscribe to the plan on the standard terms. It includes all kinds of deployment, maintenance, software upgrades, and hardware replacement.

So now you would be able to understand the role of Cloud-based WAF in the virtual network where security and privacy are at the edge of risk.

Research, connect and choose a cloud WAF service provider to protect the security threat.


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