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Latest Security vulnerabilities in Cisco products

Overview : Cisco IOS XE Software NAT Session Initiation Protocol Application Layer Gateway Denial of Service Vulnerability  CWE-399/ CVE-2019-12646 A vulnerability in the Network Address Translation (NAT) Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Application Layer Gateway (ALG) of Cisco IOS XE Software could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to cause an affected device to reload. Cisco Catalyst […]

Kubernetes WAF for API security in the cloud

As most of the applications are moving to cloud , there are many factors which needs to be addressed . Reliability, Data management, Scalability, Cost and Security . Among all these , 37%  focus is on security . Cyber security is the #1 concern in almost all the cloud deployments . These days all the […]

Kubernetes Cyber Security

Kubernetes Cyber SecurityKubernetes Cyber Security using AI powered Next Generation kubeWAF How kubeWAF Works KubeWAF  is an Enterprise Grade Native Container Security Solution. It intelligently analyses the requests parsed to your API Endpoints and send only legitimate traffic to the pods and blocks any attack vectors How to Secure your Kubernetes Container Upgrade to the [...]

Cloud Security Solution

How Your Cloud is Secured ? Prophaze Eagle Eye is an Enterprise Grade Cloud Application Firewall. Its sits in between your Visitors and your Cloud Provider , either it be Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud  as depicted in the below picture. What you have to do ? Change the 'A' Record of your [...]


Kubernetes WAF Kubernetes Container Security Solution Kubernetes Web Application Firewall Container Security using Kubernetes WAF for Hybrid Cloud (Google Cloud , AWS , Azure ) What is a Kubernetes WAF ? A KubeWAF stops attacks targeted towards your orchestrated containers deployed in kubernetes. It acts as a Ingress Controller and operated in reverse proxy mode. [...]