Automated Security Policy Does The Heavy Lifting

Your Organization's Security Posture with Prophaze Automated Security Policy

Prophaze Automated Security Policy is a software-based tool that can help automate the creation and enforcement of security policies. Prophaze monitors and analyses security events, identifies potential security threats, and takes preventative measures to reduce them using machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. Enforce policies related to access control, data protection, network security, and compliance. Prophaze Automated Security Policy consistently ensures that potential security threats are promptly identified and mitigated in real-time.

Real time Monitoring
Security updates

Automated Enforcement of Security Policies for Enhanced Protection

Prophaze Automated Security Policy automatically enforce the policies by blocking malicious traffic, restricting user access, and alerting security teams of security breaches. Prophaze AI profiles with web objects, form fields, context-based application logic and behavior, payload contents, static attributes of processes, files, and previous threat scores. Automatically generates and continually updates application-specific security policy. Blacklisting, whitelisting, virtual patching, response filtering and blocking are the automated policy. 

Security teams need only fine-tune to automate security policy for specific activities and behaviors of applications and users with custom rules, updating black and whitelisting, limiting geolocation, and rate-limiting. The tools helps the organizations to improve their security posture.

Prophaze Automated Security Policy for Businesses and Organizations