Top Web Application Firewall (WAF) for 2023 The Prophaze Cloud WAF is built natively on the Kubernetes Platform and protects clients’ Kubernetes clusters and cloud infrastructure from various attack vectors.

This product secures organizations from black hackers who are trying to attack and steal data from Web Apps or Mobile App Gateways or APIs.

Prophaze WAF exclusively protects web APIs from security breaches with its Behavioural-based machine learning Algorithms and Adaptive Profiling.

Prophaze products can be implemented in industries where customer information is critical like Banking and Finance, E-com firms, Healthcare & Pharma, Education, the Manufacturing sector, IT, and so on.

This SD WAF is designed to manage Kubernetes deployments to secure web assets from bots cyber threats, attacks, misconfiguration, and patch vulnerabilities.

Key features of Prophaze WAF include

DDoS protection,

Behavioral analytics,

Incident management,

Machine learning,

Virtual patching.

The Prophaze AI firewall blocks the malicious request, new malware variants, execution of file-less attacks, zero-day attacks. It also assists organizations with DDoS prevention, API protection, bot management, account takeover, and web security.


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