Log4j WAF – Web Application Firewall

Prophaze WAF can protect Java-based Applications that are prone to recent log4j vulnerability.

Prophaze is pre-equipped with live signatures of new variants of log4j shell attack

Attacks are blocked in real-time and also it learns new attack vectors targetted in proactively

Ghormach How Prophaze helps?

Prophaze customers are secured via Next-Generation Firewall with Behavioral Threat Protection that can detect continuous integration, container images, and host systems that maintain vulnerable instances of Log4j. Prophaze is actively monitoring the unusual traffic through our solutions.  It can automatically block sessions related to this vulnerability by creating rules by the rule engine itself.

Prophaze solutions detect and alert you about suspicious behavior in your environment behind our solution so that you can block an incident early enough to prevent damage. Each finding we will share with you gives you clear recommendations on how to remediate an attack. Our support team of security analysts is always available to answer questions on how to interpret a finding, or for other security help.

Prophaze’s free trial is easy to deploy; IT and security teams can start seeing immediate security value for their organizations.


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